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"When I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer.  I liked talking to people. I wasn’t interested in medicine, or science; I never wanted to be a doctor.  When I finally survived the first two years of medical school and got to third year, I discovered what medicine is really about.  The first two years are a lot of memorization, regurgitation, and understanding the science.  After that, it is really learning the art of medicine.  I discovered that what I am is really a lawyer; what I really do is negotiate with people all day long—my colleagues, public health workers, my patients—to get them to agree with my point of view.  What does it matter if you have all the medical knowledge in your head?  Even if you’re the smartest person or smartest doctor, if you can’t convince your patient to see your point of view, then what is the point?  So it is really after your first two years that the rest of your career is really learning how to talk to people—the art of medicine."

Dr. Beata Casanas 

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